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Hi everybody, I know we sent out a letter to you not so long ago but it's nice to send a post out thats less formal as well. It's a terrible time please try to keep as safe as you can. I think im driving my family crazy bossing them about but weve all started to understand we have to live differently for now. If your not a keyworker or its your rest day get out in your gardens maybe with a wine, a beer or a cup of english tea. Last night in the street where I live it was fantastic to see the community out in support of the NHS and for those of us supporting the many great people working in social care to keep us all as safe as can be. 

Think of the great things you have done, special people and all things you want to do or dream of. You know where i'am if your worried about jbu or your children during all this. Send in some photos or videos lets get them on the page and bring a few smiles.

I will leave you a photo that Susan sent to me, she says she is fed up with not coming to Just B.U and it's only been a few days but she looks happy in the sun in her garden with Rita. 

Take care Justin.