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A day in the life of lockdown

A day in the life of lockdown Header Image

it's Franny here, Justin's been to see me, we said we would get something on the website so you don't forget me, how could you lol.

I'm at home on lockdown with two nice ladies looking after me today, I was in the back garden Justin liked my bungalow. My gazebo was almost blowing away Justin tried his best to keep it safe and he said, I needed some red shoes like Dorothy ha ha. We talked about some old friends for a while, especially Rita and Susan. Then we talked about my interests in the police and the RAF.

I can't wait get back to work (JBU) to torment and myther everyone, I hope you have enjoyed seeing my photos on the Jbu page.

See you soon,

pain in the backside,

Ste France