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Sharks if you dare to read!!!

Sharks if you dare to read!!! Header Image

Sharks lives in the ocean and they are underneath the surface of the water and they like the taste of
blood. Most sharks are dangerous and 2 are not man eaters which is the Basking and Whale sharks
because they only eat fish. The most feared shark of all-time which people is scared, it is the Great
White Shark. The first shark attack ever recorded was in 1916 in New Jersey USA on a beach. A
swimmer was swimming with his dog. The dog returned to the beach and the swimmer was still
swimming. People witnessed the horrific attack and the swimmer died from his injuries when a
lifeguard tried to rescue him and give CPR. A few days later there was another attack in salt water at
a creek where the Bull Shark lives. This attack was on a 12-year-old boy named Lester Stillwell who
was swimming with friends. He screamed and disappeared beneath the water. A 24-year old-man
named Stanley Fisher rushed into the saltwater lake to try and rescue Lester’s lifeless body. When he
was doing that, he felt a bump on his right leg. He noticed part of his leg was ripped apart and there
was blood. Tragically both Lester and Stanley died from their injuries after the attack. The shark that
attacked Lester and Stanley got away which I think it is a good thing because sharks are protected
species and they will defend themselves. These attacks happened from the 1 st to the 12 th of July 1916.
Sharks were hunted by hunters that year because the hunters used guns and dynamites to kill the
sharks. Most sharks were caught and killed even a baby Great White Shark. 8 th of December 1963 in
Adelaide (Aldinga beach, Australia) had a spear fishing competition and a 23-year-old Rodney Fox
was a diver in the competition. He was spearing fish. The shark knew where Rodney was and it was
following him. Rodney was going to spear the fish that would make him the winner and champion.
Rodney felt a big bump on the left side did not knew it was a shark when he fell out of the shark’s
mouth. He gasped for air when the shark was coming for another attack and after a miracle happened
the shark turned right and swallowed the dead fish what Rodney had speared and tied. Rodney was
dragged under. The rope snapped, and he swam back up. He yelled out SHARK, SHARK, SHARK
and a boat saw him with people in. Rodney was rescued and he was sent to hospital where he had
surgery, when that went on, he woke up during the operation. He had 462 stitches were needed too
so Rodney back together from his body to his hand. Rodney’s shark attack made headlines
worldwide. So many people left the diving world after Rodney’s shark attack and he felt responsible.
He tried to show that people could protect themselves and he was more keen to go back in the again.
He realised that the shark was doing what it naturally does and eats things. Rodney Fox built the first
diving cage to protect divers and sharks by putting divers in the cage. Rodney is a protector of all
sharks after his attack. First thing you have to think about when Rodney was attacked it was a
different time. In the 60s killing animals, spearfishing large sharks and having a go at some Great
Whites like Rodney did its quite understandable and it was a much of an earthing thing. To me this
was a win – win situation. Rodney won he survived that is a genius. It was also a win for the shark it
defended its territory, it showed its dominance. Rodney got out of the water and the shark could swim
of and say yes that is a win for me as well.
What chance do you have with a shark? That depends on the shark because you are not in control,
they are too good what they do. The words are beach, victim and shark. Take this for example
between a surfer and a seal from the bottom they look like the same and it is a high price for the
perfect wave. The shark thinks the surfer is a seal. 16th of December 2004 in Adelaide, Australia was
a Christmas holiday for tourists and for Australians. A tourist from Czech Republic looked out to sea
and she photographed a fin of a Great White Shark thinking it was a dolphin and she left the beach.
Yes there were dolphins in the area where a shark attack happened. A group of lads were in a boat
and a surfboard was towed behind. One of the lads was bought back in the boat while an 18-year-old
Australian teenager named Nick Peterson jumped of the boat. Within seconds a 5ft Great White
Shark grabbed Nick by his left arm and he was dragged underwater. His friends did not see it for a
second. They thought it was a dolphin until they saw Nick fighting the shark and for his life. His friends
used oars to hit the shark, but it was too late. Nick died when the shark bite him in half and according
to Nick’s friends they said another shark apparently joined the attack just by taking the rest of him.
They must had been mistaken by the shark’s tail for a second shark. It was not just witnessed by his
friends in the boat, the whole beach witnessed the attack. Nick’s remains were washed up and the
investigators closed the whole South Australian beaches. Deputy Premier Kevin Foley said in a press
conference ‘Any shark closing waters posing a threat to human life should be destroyed.’ The next
day Nick’s father Philip Peterson said ‘We do not advocate the indiscriminate the killing of sharks.
They are to be admired, appreciated and respected and Nick knew that. He wanted more money to
be spent on shark tagging. This is a man who is in the respected books and cares about life. At ACE
and Just BU when I am on my break I go on YouTube to watch a reconstruction of your worst animal
nightmares. It was all filmed in Australia and its got crocodiles, sharks, snakes and spiders. I have got

some people into it and I expect Danny Miller and Justin Fellows to watch your worst animal
nightmares on YouTube. I also watch Shark week which is another reconstruction and tagging sharks
interesting to watch. My all-time favourite shark is the Great White Shark. My job and if I lived in
Australia. I would had been a shark attack investigator by keeping the beaches safe, people’s and
shark’s lives are in safe hands. I cannot promise shark attacks will be stopped because there will
always be another shark attack, we don’t know when and where. I certainly cannot see why people
are killing sharks because that will not solve the problem there will be more sharks. Personally I would
have the sharks tagged so that if they swim close to shore the alarm will be raised. The best way to
avoid getting attacked from a shark is to keep your arms and legs crossed because vibration in the
water does let the sharks know what’s going on, don’t pee in the ocean because sharks are attracted
to smell of urine and don’t panic because that can attract the sharks by hearing noises. You need to
follow the guide lines on the beach and they are simple guide lines there are beach warning signs,
100-200 metres from the beach to the water is a recommended distance, shark nets are in place,
make sure there are lifeguards for your safety and also when it’s night don’t go swimming because
there is a 100% chance of being attacked and killed by a shark. When a shark is spotted near the
beach get out of the water. Sharks has weak spots punch the eye or nose and you will be released
from the shark or you can squeeze the eye but do it hard. They do not like that. They really do not like
the taste of humans they prefer to eat fish and seals. After killing a human they will not go hungry for
a month. I hope this has interested you in reading my blog and that is why the reason I love and
respect sharks and I follow some pages about sharks on Facebook. Leave me your comments and if
you have any questions I would be glad to answer them and Thank you.