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April 2021 Just B U cic

April 2021 Just B U cic Header Image There some sad news people will have seen if they follow our social networking posts, Susan one of our customers and friends has passed away. Some of us have known Susan since 1989 she certainly was a character and didn't hold back in saying what she thought. Susan was well respected in her local community visiting many people's houses for a brew, even sending some lads away who bullied one of her friends in the town. You will be greatly missed Susan you brought a lot of fun to Just B.U. We hope everyone is okay through these difficult times a bit of sunshine is helping and also getting out and about. People have started to increase their days in our service and some people recently returning to our services. It's important that we follow the guidance from the local authorities and from the NHS. We continue to wear masks and encourage others to do the same. Hand wash and hand gel routines are encouraged, we have increased domestic routines along with the local companies we use supporting us to keep safe. Everyone's doing really well with the change, prompts and keeping safe, it has been a disruption when people are asked to follow our changed program using identified rooms. Bistro19 has been closed for some time but we still encourage independence where possible, Enable It is still up and running but again taking care with limited equipment available, Fusion Radio still run some shows when its manageable along with people practising their independent living skills. Bistro19 are about to trial another in house coffee morning, were hoping to move this forward inviting a very small number of parents with social distancing in mind to call for coffee /tea. Fusion Radio will look to increase its presence and you might want a shout out or to contribute to our shows. It's time to get out there and Just B U some of us have been taking some local walks contributing to our step it up Just be you program. We've had a great time with exercise, sit down yoga, dance, quizzes, walking virtual to football clubs and climbing mountains, we're taking on Mount Everest next!! Thanks everyone for making us welcome at your homes and in your communities, for joining in online and your understanding that we have had to work differently. A special thanks to all the employees for their support, being adaptable, keeping safe and especially working on the front line. We hope to see everyone soon and who knows we might get to planning a much needed party! Get Out There And Just Be You!