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On the 7th June, my sister who is a tattooist did a dragon tattoo on my forearm. She had special permission to do it at home off her boss. The reason I choose to have a dragon is because my dad bought my sister a practice kit from China which had a dragon on the front. I also like Chinese style art so this made me want a dragon tattoo. I always promised my sister that if she got good enough, then I would let her tattoo me. The forearm is one of the most painful places to have a tattoo especially with no numbing cream. On Thursday my friend Luke was asking questions about my tattoo. I told him the name of the shop and warned him that he should be sure that he wants the tattoo as it will be on him for the rest of his life. I promised him that I would mention his name to my sister for when he is ready. The shop is called 71 tattoo and is based in Atherton. I currently have the outline of my tattoo, and I am waiting for it to be coloured in orange, red and yellow.