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My day out at the Range

My day out at the Range Header Image

On Saturday 15th October I went to Bolton Shooting Range in Leigh
I went by bus with one of the house staff
I was bit nervous becue it had been fourteen years since I fired an air rifle the last time I was in France I went with school and thats how I got into it
Ever since then been looking for rifle clubs with wheel chair access
Nick who just move in said his dad goes to a rifle club that has wheel chair accees
So I want to go down there and the staff are so lovely they helped me
The Club made me feel welcome and it is very professional run
If you mishandle the rifles you will be kicked out of the club
Very safty aware I would love to take Josh Smth and Jay Jay
Jay Jay always wanted experience going shootig
It’s one of the best gun clubs in the North West
I would love to become a member