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Jame's Gs World Cup Blog December 2022

Jame's Gs World Cup Blog December 2022 Header Image World Cup Update By James Well I was asked if I wanted to do a blog so i've updated the world cup charts with the scores and the next games for all the groups it was a challenge. I did a bit of a quiz, some of my friends knew the tournament is in Qatar and it's a hot place There are some amazing new stadiums Some got the latest scores right and some didn't but there are a lot of matches. I know quite a bit about Portugal as I holiday there. Brazil, France and Spain all look good so far but then some countries are giving the big guns a shock as well. There was quite a lot of talk about Japans goal was it over the line or not, but Germany are out! Mark said ENGLAND will win the world cup were all hoping so and getting excited, COME ON ENGLAND BRING IT HOME Yours, The Mighty Dynamite James