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Engagement Party

Hi my name is Rachel and I am 30 years old and I like going to Just Bu on Tuesday and Wednesday and it is a nice place to be at Just Bu and I like going to Café stella night and I really cant wait for my best mate Zosia Birthday on the 25th June at Café stella night and on the 18th May at Hooley's it was mine and Ben West Engagement party we had are friends and family at are engagement party and we had buffet made buy me and everyone enjoyed the food and the party we had the room 6pm till 2am and me and Ben really enjoyed it and it was his Birthday on the 19th may he enjoyed his Birthday he got 7 Birthday cards and he is now 31year old we got quit a few engagement cards and presents and we will soon be married soon in the future and we enjoyed last week end and I really enjoy come to Just Bu because I have made new friends here and meet new staff and I do football training on a Fridays and the football team FC Dynamite the best team to train with and do football Tournaments and we have the best coach Josh and the best staff at Just Bu are Caroline, Justin, Danny, Chelsey, Ruby, Paul because they are all lovely and helpful and kind and funny and easy to get a long with at Just Bu.