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Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone Header Image

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our support workers (helpers); management, people who use Just B.U and their families for their continued support and encouragement to making progress. Again new people joined our service, new people who use Just B.U are now making a contribution to their communities and also helping us to run our organisation.

The website development has given people a new way to express themselves at Just B.U, a voice and a fun way of demonstrating what they are achieving. 'Middle' made this possible by designing a site that people asked for, making it accessible and secure being two important factors.

Our aims again are to have the best service possible within our means, improve our premises, resources and the contributions we make to our communities. We still want to get a vehicle, again this will increase opportunities and give people increased independence.

The Xmas Party was the best one yet with more families attending. This year ive made a donation to charity instead of sending out cards to everyone hope people don't mind.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Day and have a Happy New Year!