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History Of Bond....James Bond

History Of Bond....James Bond  Header Image

James Bond is a British spy film series based on the novels of Ian Fleming, Ian Fleming was Intelligence officer in World War 2 Ian come up with the idea of Bond by the start of The Cold War where he started writing the stories.The James Bond films started in 1962 since then there have been 24 films to date and they are as follows Dr No(1962), From Russia with Love(1963), Goldfinger(1964), Thunderball(1965), You Only Live Twice(1967), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service(1969), Diamonds Are Forever(1971), Live and Let Die(1973), The Man with the Golden Gun(1974), The Spy Who Loved Me(1977), Moonraker(1979), For Your Eyes Only(1981), Octopussy(1983), A View to a Kill(1985), The Living Daylights(1987), License to Kill(1989), GoldenEye(1995), Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough(1999), Die Another Day(2002), Casino Royale(2006), Quantum of Solace(2008), Skyfall(2012) and Spectre(2015).

Each of the James Bond films are famous for their own theme which as follows Dr No(Monty Norman-The James Bond Theme), From Russia with Love(John Barry-From Russia with Love), Goldfinger(Shirley Bassey-Goldfinger), Thunderball(Tom Jones-Thunderball), You Only Live Twice(Nancy Sinatra-You Only Live Twice), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service(Louis Armstrong- On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), Diamonds Are Forever(Shirley Bassey-Diamonds Are Forever), Live and Let Die(Paul McCartney & Wings-Live and Let Die), The Man with the Golden Gun(Lulu-The Man with the Golden Gun), The Spy Who Loved Me(Carly Simon-Nobody Does it Better), Moonraker(Shirley Bassey-Moonraker), For Your Eyes Only(Sheena Easton-For Your Eyes Only), Octopussy(rita Coolidge-All Time High), A View to a Kill(Duran Duran-A View to a Kill), The Living Daylights(A-ha-The Living Daylights), License to Kill(Gladys Knight-License to Kill), GoldenEye(Tina Turner-GoldenEye), Tomorrow Never Dies(Sheryl Crow-Tomorrow Never Dies), The World is Not Enough(Garbage-The World is Not Enough), Die Another Day(Madonna- Die Another Day), Casino Royale(Chris Cornell-You Know My Name), Quantum of Solace(Jack White & Alicia Keys-Another Way to Die), Skyfall(Adele-Skyfall) and Spectre(Sam Smith-Writings on the Wall). There have been 6 actors who have portrayed James Bond and they are Sean Connery(1962-1967:1971), George Lazenby(1969), The Late Roger Moore(1973-1985), Timothy Dalton(1987-1989), Pierce Brosnan(1995-2002) and Daniel Craig(2006-2019) there has been no female version of the character.

Written by Christopher Parry and Matthew Knight