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Htc Vive VR now at Just B U

Htc Vive VR now at Just B U Header Image

So after months of decision making about getting a games console or VR equipment we decided that VR was the way to go.


We do have some avid gamers at Jbu who wanted a console never easy when were also here to encourage community participation, health and well being, independence, employment and many other things!!! 


VR offered an all round experience into immersive worlds, simulators, worldwide Google Earth visits, experiences and of course super high deffinition graphics.


This equipment means anyone from Jbu who wants to can try it , even if its to sit under the sea and relax watching wildlife waw!

We visited suppliers to get more information and Scan was able to offer us a demo and trial on the HTC Vive.


Now this is a considerable purchase far ahead of its competitors in the market who link up to consoles with a headset. 


The vive operates with the purchase of a high spec PC offering at least 60 fps double the console versions and the one we bought has a GTX1070 ghz graphics card. Its a beast!! 


We are having huge fun so far the learning can wait. Keep your eye out for our videos on Just B U TV