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what I got for Christmas

what I got for Christmas   Header Image

I got xbox one for Christmas off my mum, nan and grandad. The games I got for my XBOX ONE were FIFA 18 and wwe 2k18, which were also off my mum, nan and grandad. I bought FIFA 16, UFC 2, FIFA 17 and Lego Marvel Super Heros 2. I got a new Legacy top, a top and jacket,  2x Lynx Deodrant, Adidas sport deordrant off my girlfriend, David Beckham deodrant, a shaving brush and cream off my nan and grandad, a power rangers dvd off my PA Kieran, pajamas off auntie lisa and uncle wick and then I also got deodorant and headphones off my mum.


I am a Manchester united fan and manchester united are buying Alexis Sanchez From Arsenal for £35 Million + Henrikh Mkhitaryan