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Bahrain Grand Prix 2019

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Bahrain Grand Prix

Another impressive qualifying on Saturday Charles Leclerc the youngest pole sitter. Ferarri had a 1 2 pole poisition followed by the 2 Mercedes.

Race night it started well for the first few seconds but there was contact with the cars between Lance Stroll and Romain Grosjean. Lap 4 Carlos Sainz had sparks coming out of his car with a tyre that wouldn’t turn so he had to pit after for new tyres. On lap 38 Hamilton and Vettel we’re battling for P2. Vettel skid and that gave Hamilton P2 not only that Vettel caused a bad night he also lost his front wing (He went flying). On lap 39 the two Renault drivers made contact and Hulkenberg didn’t seem happy about it because teammates do not like each other they are not friends forget it they never will be.

On lap 48 Hamilton passed Charles Leclerc to get P1 because Charles was losing a lot of time because his tyres was losing grip. Lap 54 Bottas got P2 from Charles Leclerc. Nico and Daniel from Renault retired from the race there engines failed. It wasn’t Renaults day at the office.

Lewis Hamilton won the Bahrain grand Prix followed by Valterri Bottas in the 2 Mercedes and Charles Leclerc finished 3rd. After the race Charles was disappointed that he didn’t win the race but fought to be in the top 3. Hamilton told Leclerc that you drove great. I noticed Nico Rosberg turned up to watch and Dvid Beckham and Sarah Ferguson turned up and had a tour of the garages.