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JustBU’s day out at Silverstone

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On Friday 12th July 2019 Ant, Chris, Gary and Justin went on a trip out to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone racing circuit in Northamptonshire. Ant was the first one picked up then Gary was second and Chris was picked up last by Justin in the Dynamite Car. Justin drove us down the motorway for 3 hours and halfway through the journey we stopped off at a service station for a break and stretched our legs. After our break Justin carried on to drive to the race circuit. Justin parked on a field then we got our bags and chairs to go and see the practice which was a 10 minute walk. Chris and Gary waited for Ant and Justin to pick up the tickets so we could enter in the stands. Ant bought a programme then we sat on some steps where we watched F1 cars driving really fast. Justin took some really good pictures and we all saw Kimi Raikkonen get out his car because his Sauber (Alfa Romeo Racing) had a mechanical failure. Everyone cheered for Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes AMG Petronas number 44. After we changed the scenes to go and find the paddock where the pit stop is based. We went in the grand stand and saw the speed of these cars. Ant shouted out the teams and the drivers and told Justin about the tyres and the safety. Chris and Gary left the grand stand because they wanted to sit somewhere else. Ant and Justin joined soon after. The first F1 practice finished then the F2 Cars joined to the track (Which Ant calls them Granny Cars because they are too slow.) Ant and Justin looked around and went in a shop first. Ant bought 2 model racing cars. There was a fan zone where they had lots of cars and racing cars from the past. Ant touched an F1 car front wing and a soft tyre then Ant and Justin came back. Chris and Gary left to go to the fan zone where Chris took pictures stood next to a Red Bull, McLaren and Mercedes model F1 cars. The second practice started and Valterri Bottas got the fastest time followed by Lewis Hamilton. Gary said “where are the Ferrari’s and have they gone past?” Ant said “They have gone past and I think it’s you that’s got the wrong pair of sun glasses.” When the second practice ended Chris bought a programme and pictures were taken with Ant, Chris and Gary with the first then the second one was taken with Ant, Chris and Justin. Then we hopped into the Dynamite Car and started the 3 hour drive home were halfway we stopped at the same service station for another leg stretch. Chris bought 2 double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, Ant bought a Big Mac from McDonald’s, Justin had a McDonald’s and Gary had something else for his tea. After we all went back home and Silverstone is a dream come true. All four of us enjoyed it and Ant said “BEST TRIP EVER!!!!!”