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Services from Just BU

All of our services are completely tailored to each member, and we focus on Personal Centred Planning, targeting our attention to the specific needs of each person in our care; making sure every member gets the best possible benefit from our service.

IndependenceDevelop Your Independence

Here at Just BU we recognise the importance of independence for all of our members. We're here to encourage and support you in your life, and help guide you in the right direction.

With our three locations the house, Just B.U cafe and at the lodge, we have access to all the usual things you'd find at home: kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces. With these facilities we can help guide our members in these areas, and teach you how to cook, how to look after your house, and what it’s like to be employed.

But independence doesn't stop there. We also encourage our members to use public transport, and other methods of getting around; along with teaching some valuable lessons in road safety, and awareness.


  • Help Run the House
  • Learn to Cook
  • Learn Safe I.T. and Social Networking Skills
  • Develop Road Awareness
  • Learn Public Transport
  • More on Getting Around
  • Help with Money Management
Shopping with Just BU Baking at Just BU, Leigh Shopping with Just BU, Leigh

Work ExperienceGain Work Experience

Looking to gain some valuable work experience for your CV? Then you've come to the right place.

Not only can we help with getting you the right qualifications for the job (more info below), but we also have partnerships with some great local businesses and CICs, who are always happy to help.

Our partnerships get you in to the workplace, in a laid back and relaxed atmosphere, where we can support you to get you into the swing of things. We also arrange for our members to operate market stalls, with our help, to get direct experience in dealing with customers, and the general public, in a safe environment.


  • Work in real Shops and Markets
  • Learn customer service skills
  • Gain valuable experience with the public
  • Social Enterprise
  • Learn IT Skills
Work Experience with Just BU Work Experience with Just BU Work Experience with Just BU

QualificationsGet Qualified

Qualifications are another step in your personal development. Having the right certificates can open new doors for you in your working life. At Just BU we are proud to be able help guide you through a variety of ASDAN courses of your choosing, and we have the IT and learning facilities required to support you in your studies.

ASDAN offer a variety of courses, in anything from Volunteering, Citizenship, and Road Safety, to more specialist subjects such as Sport, Horticulture, and even Languages.

Our Personal Centred Planning approach means that you can choose if, and which courses suit you, and Just BU will support you through your decision, and studies.

Help with Qualifications from Just BU

CommunityGet Involved with the Community

To everyone at Just BU, Community is everything (we are a CIC after all). We always encourage our members to get involved with their local communities, and arrange activities and day trips with local organisations, charities, and CICs.

It's a great chance to get out there, meet some new people, and lend a helping hand to our friends. You can use our community pathway activities to help kick start you in the right direction.

We also encourage our members to arrange their own activities, and help in planning the ones we organise; teaching valuable life skills along the way.

Help with Qualifications from Just BU

FunHave Fun

The most important thing in life is to have fun and enjoy yourself, and it's no different here at Just BU. Although we offer a lot of services in relation to work and study, we also have a lot of fun whilst doing it.

At Just BU we're always organising day trips with our members, and even encourage and support our members to arrange their own days out. We regularly take trips to local leisure centres, visit sporting venues, museums, markets, theme parks, you name it. Not to mention playing games consoles, iPads, table tennis, arts and crafts, and many other activities from the comfort of our bases.

There's plenty of things to do, and friends to be made.

Help with Qualifications from Just BU
Playing Football with Just BU Cycling with Just BU A game of Bowls with Just BU

FusionThe Fusion Project

In partnership with EveryOne Wigan CIC, the team at Just BU helped in arranging a brand new Club Night, that is held once a month at Café Stella, Leigh. A safe, secure environment for people with learning disabilities, to get together, and have their very own club night.

The Club Nights are not only for Just BU members, they're for all adults with disabilities that want to get out, meet some new friends, and have a damn good time. Families, friends and anyone who wants to be part of an inclusive night are invited to contact us for more information and tickets. If you want to get involved in organising and running the night just ask.

A Live Radio Station has just been introduced where people we support can get involved in presenting, interviewing, playing music and learning to use the equipment.

For more information, and for the next scheduled event, check out the Fusion Facebook page, by clicking here:

Fusion at Cafe Stella, with Just BU