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My name is Stephen. I describe myself as person who enjoys having a laugh and joke. I am also caring and like helping others, I set the table at meal times and sometimes do the washing up.
Some of the things I like include watching tv my favourites are up the jungle, on the buses and the voice. I also like music especially little mix and Abba. My favourite Abba song is dancing queen.
I live between both my sisters Pam and Sylvia. Me and my family enjoy going on holiday, my favourite place is the lakes. My sisters also cook me nice meals, I like pie, peas and carrots.
I attend Just B U on a regular basis, I enjoy coming because its fun and I like going out and getting to do stuff I like. A few things I have done include visiting Blackpool and Southport we had lots of fun. I also enjoy cook and lunch and I did my own Just B U come dine with me. I also go to Mesnes park to help look after the park by doing litter picking and gardening. I have been to Bolton and Trafford centre playing crazy golf.
Thank you for reading all about me!

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by Stephen Ball

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by Stephen Ball

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by Stephen Ball

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