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Hi I am Will, I like laughing and joking.

I am quite new to Just B U, i come one day a week at the moment. I used to go to Derian House but it was time for a change as I’m getting older. I live at home with my mum, dad, 2 brothers and sister. I have a dog called Hollie and a parrot called Charlie. In my room I have a bearded dragon called Tiny.

I really like my sports, especialy football and rugby I support Bolton Wanderers and Leigh Centurions I used to have a season ticket at Bolton Wanderers. I used to have a season ticket until Big Sam left. Jay-Jay Okocha was my favourite player.

My family are big supporters of Leigh Centurions. I have had season tickets in the past but now I tend to watch games in good weather. My favourite Leigh players are Jamie Acton and Ryan Brierly.

I’m into music but chart music isn’t my thing I’m more into Heavy Metal and Rock music. I went to watch Linkin Park at MEN Arena I also went backstage and met them all. I got signed t-shirts and a signed drum skin off the band.

I do like my arts and crafts because it brings out my creative side. When i was at derian house i did some paper mache, i made snakes, spiders and lots more! I also did canvas drawings and painitngs. I am hoping to show off my creative side at Just BU also.

Thanks for reading!

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Meet Will

Posted on Jul 30, 2019, 10:06 AM
by William Hayes

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